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Applications use the methods of the IDirect3D9 interface to create Microsoft Direct3D objects and set up the environment. This interface includes methods for . Parameters. Adapter [in]. Type: UINT. Ordinal number that denotes the display adapter. D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT is always the primary display adapter. Allows the managed application programming interface (API) to have access to the unmanaged portions of the Microsoft DirectX application programming.

IDirect3DRegisterSoftwareDevice method. Registers a pluggable software device. Software devices provide software rasterization enabling applications to. IDirect3DCheckDepthStencilMatch method. Determines whether a depth- stencil format is compatible with a render-target format in a particular display mode. Parameters. This method has no parameters. Return value. Type: UINT. A UINT value that denotes the number of adapters on the system at the time this.

Parameters. Adapter [in]. Type: UINT. Ordinal number that denotes the display adapter to query. D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT is always the primary display adapter. Verifies whether a hardware accelerated device type can be used on this adapter . Describes the physical display adapters present in the system when the IDirect3D9 interface was instantiated. Determines if a multisampling technique is available on this device. IDirect3DCheckDeviceFormat method. Determines whether a surface format is available as a specified resource type and can be used as a texture.

IDirect3DEnumAdapterModes method. Queries the device to determine whether the specified adapter supports the requested format and display mode. IDirect3DCheckDeviceFormatConversion method. Tests the device to see if it supports conversion from one display format to another. Returns the handle of the monitor associated with the Direct3D object. Retrieves device-specific information about a device.


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